To be truly sustainable, all food, fiber, fuel & medicine should be sourced within local bio-regions

Socal, California

Droughts, Fires & an Unhealthy Society. The beginning of the Environmental Development Education Network

California is in dire need of fixing it’s water & agricultural problems. Luckily, Keyline design provides a design process ensuring year round water & the creation of top soil in 3 years. 

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Calabria, Italy

With little tourists, low costs & a beautiful countryside, come experience rustic Italy.

Located at the toe of Italy, this region’s micro-climates are diverse as California’s. Surf and Ski in the same day. Experience 4 farms in completely different micro-climates within a 2 hours drive. 

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Steeped in history, we’re transforming this bio-region back to Forests, Meadows & Small Ponds

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Environmental Development Education Network (EDEN)

We’re building a global network to help educate small & new farmers in Regenerative Agriculture

Interested in joining a bio-region or even creating your own?  We can help