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Small farms are the key to food security. A reutrn to farm-to-table creates resiliency and creates positive communities.


Desertification is occuring the world over. Water is a farm’s no.1 asset. With water, sunlight and air anything is possible.


Food & Music bring all cultures together. Regional events, with local regenerative products, we’re building a community to create positive change.

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Babula Farm

Old 17th century Dutch Mennonite farm. Recreating integrated farming with modern technology. 

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>Want to escape from the city?

Living in cities is detrimental to mental, physical and energy well-being. Like it or not we are part of nature. Move to the countryside, and join a community that is regenerating land, people, and nature.

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Regain the knowledge needed to regenerate your health & nature .

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

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Human Health



Reducing cigarette waste by turning cigarrette butts into upcycled materials. Portable ashtrays from used snus cans.

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Social Karma

Connecting farmer’s directly to customers. Digital marketing funnels, product to market fit. Guaranteed 300% Return on Ad Spend.

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Natural materials unlimited

Industrial Hemp, there are over 50000 uses of hemp, a once globally important industry, providing regenerative fibers for society.

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