Frequently Asked Questions

At Greenstitute, we help to educate & support new small farmers in creating regenerative businesses

By changing to holistic management practices & a set of ethics around planet, people & profit, we’re creating a bright future.

For agriculture to become regenerative, a return to farm-to-table + the use of Keyline design to integrate humans & nature is needed.

By leveraging an extensive international network of super connectors, we’re building a a global education network called the Environmental Development Education Network (EDEN).

Through our partner network’s expertise in land management, marketing & financing, we support the creation of local bio-regions, providing food, fiber, fuel & medicine within the closest distance possible.

Regenerative agriculture is the practice of working with nature to regenerate top soilbio-diversity, & human communities living in balance with nature around them.

This is a design philosophy, whereby students and teachers observe patterns of nature around them, then attempt to design a fully integrative farm by recreating natures processes.

The simple answer is yes!

Conventional thinking assumes we must cut down all of our trees to make way for fields of annual crops, and all the inputs that go along with unsustainable farming practices.

Agroforestry or silvopasture is a mixed farm with an intercropping of productive trees & fields. In addition, farms are fully integrated (meaning no external inputs), and the majority of crops based on perennials crops.

The next time someone says it is impossible to feed the world, show them this video (and the fact we toss out anywhere between 40-50% of our food).

Keyline design deals with the management of water on farms and cities.

By reading landscapes, we can design farms and cities that capture, reticulate, and distribute water evenly. Why is keyline design so important to farms? Because it distributes water evenly across your farm. No more uneven growth in your laterally lined crop rows.

If you would like to learn more, you can watch the excellent series below on the basics of keyline design.